Heritage Coast

Burton Bradstock beach and cliffs are included in the newWorld Heritage Site which runs from Orcombe Point (near Exmouth in Devon) to Old Harry Rocks (near Studland in Dorset).
The boundaries are limited to the coastal strip which includes the current cliff tops and runs down to the level of the lowest tide. The coastal strip is restricted to those areas which are currently designated Sites of Special Scientific Interest for their geology and/or geomorphology, or lie within the boundaries of an existing Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The following link to the Dorset County Council relates to background material that was used to promote the application for World Heraitage Site status. Many of the documents are long but try searching any you select (Ctrl F) for burton to find relvant local material.

The Dorset Coast Forum site also contains some interesting background material



Tim Linford

Much of the above material is also available fromwww.swgfl.org.uk/jurassic.

Other references:


A book from Dorset County Council entitled "The official guide to the Jurassic Coast" - see Books & Publications

A new website detailing geological information about "Burton Cliff and Burton Cliff Road" and how this relates to many other sites in Britain



A description of the Jurassic formations around Burton Bradstock particularly the Chesil Beach

Diving off Hive Beach - what to expect from the geology and wildlife from this popular SCUBA location

The annual mass gathering of Spider Crabs off Burton Beach and other sealife - a unique event not often seen

Under water photos by Peter Hill taken between 2004 and 2009

The Geology and Building Stone of Burton Bradstock - Throws light on the local stone used in our houses

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