Personal Archives

Material provided by villagers covering events in their lives and the village:-

Georgie Northover Archive Concerning the lives of Georgie and Douglas, Georgie's late husband, a local and deeply respected man who worked as a landscape gardener but was well known as a poet and historian. - Georgie Northover

Cynthia Stevens' Archive - Some old photos, most with names & dates of school children and the opening of the WI Hall in 1931 - Ken Pett

Some old pictures and family material from the Grimshaws -all the way from Australia

Material from Frank Cole - Rob Fox

Tribute to Betty Starkey 1913 - 2015 - Mary Ibbotson (eldest daughter)
Short sound clips of an interview with Betty Starkey of her memories in the village - Interview by Rob & June Fox, sound editing by Humphrey Walwyn

Short sound clips of interviews with Cynthia Stevens, David Barnikel & Ralph Ackerman - Interview by Ken Pett, sound editing by Humphrey Walwyn

Some details about Maurice Ouseley 1906 - 1978. A Burton man whose photographs and other material feature on the website - page in preparation- Tim Linford

Mary Bailey's Archive - Details of the Burton Wives' Club, WI Carnival and the village Badminton Club - Ken Pett

Fred Kerley - Family members appear in several other articles

Peter Colberts Videos

Linking various pieces about Jack (C J) Bailey 1914-2004

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