Saturday 9th November 2013
10.00 till 16.00

Burton Bradstock Parish Council is asking parishioners to help spend £100,000 to improve the social, economic and environmental life of the Parish. Parishioners are invited to a public open meeting on SATURDAY 9th NOVEMBER at the VILLAGE HALL anytime between 10.00 and 16.00 hours to claim their money and use it to demonstrate their support for projects and issues that will impact on life in Burton Bradstock now and into the future.

The public open meeting is being organised and run by the Parish Council. At the meeting parishioners will be given the equivalent of £100,000 to spend on a wide range of project ideas and local issues on display in the Village Hall. Parishioners will be able to discuss feedback on the recent call for project ideas and use their allocation of money to prioritise spend on projects, and to help guide the efforts of the Parish Council to address issues of local concern,

Parish Council chair Dr Graham Moody said that “In constructing our next Parish Plan we are keen to hear from a wide range of local residents, especially families and young people.Depending on fund raising the £100,000 is roughly equivalent to the resources the Parish Council might have available for local projects over the 5 years of the Parish Plan period. so by making the process of allocating resources to projects real we can get a good feel for what people see as the priority projects and issues for Burton Bradstock”.

The open meeting is the second stage in reviewing Burton Bradstock Parish Plan for the period 2014-2019.  The Parish Plan sets out the policies and plans that the Parish Council will pursue, and ensures that the Parish Council’s actions have widespread community support.

Through the open meeting the Parish Council is keen that the revised Parish Plan includes projects that can be achieved by the local community without having to be over reliant on gaining resources from other agencies. A number of project ideas have emerged from consultations with parishioners over the past few years, these include; a local business forum, a community energy project, improvements to recreational facilities as well as stone walling and orchard projects.

The Parish Council hopes to approve a draft Parish Plan by the end of 2013 and be in a position to adopt a revised Burton Bradstock Parish Plan 2014-2019 in the spring 2014.

A leaflet setting out the Parish Project ideas online at:

Parish Council contacts:
Michele Harding, Parish Clerk
Dave Dixon 01308 898620
Graham Moody (Chair) 01308 898548